VoIP Bid Information

GOAL: To implement the Most Cost-effective Approach to Configuring, Deploying, Hosting and Managing Voice over IP in each of the district’s buildings to establish a unified phone system throughout the Central Islip School District.  The district is currently only considering HOSTED phone systems with one monthly payment to include all installation, deployment, configuration, services, hardware, maintenance, carrier services, features and functionality. No other proposals for “on-premises” or “non-hosted” solutions are being considered at this time. All POE Switching and cabling will be provided by the district. 


DISTRICT VoIP BID Proposal Required Worksheet: CLICK HERE

**This is the required pages for all proposals.  Use this link to download the MS Word version for easy completion. 

Vendor Submitted Questions and Answers: CLICK HERE

RESPONSES DUE: January 27, 2017 by 12:00pm

ATTN: Sharon Morgan
Bid Response for VoIP Phone System
50 Wheeler Rd
Central Islip, NY 11722

Responses must be sealed and submitted to this address
NOTE: FedEx, UPS, DHL, USPS may deliver after 12:00pm.  
If you use one of these options you should require delivery for the day before.  Hand delivered bids will be accepted during normal business hours up to the deadline (12:00pm 1/27/2017).  All bids received before the due date/time will remain sealed until the bid opening

IMPORTANT NOTE: ANY ALTERNATE SYSTEM OR ANY PROPOSAL THAT DOES NOT MEET ALL MINIMUM SPECS AND DOES NOT INCLUDE ALL COMPONENTS OF THE PROJECT (Carrier Services, Hardware, Installation, Configuration, Licensing, Maintenance/Support, Training) WILL BE REJECTED! Bid Responses that do not meet the formatting criteria or missing required worksheets WILL BE REJECTED! Please be sure to review the complete bid located at the link above.