Posted on 03/04/2017
This is the image for the news article titled REED'S 20th ANNUAL BLACK HISTORY SHOW

Students from Reed Middle School celebrated the school's '20th Annual Tribute to Black Inspirational Music & Dance.' Under the direction of Reed Middle School Teacher and Performing Arts Club Advisor Yvette Brideau, the students showcased Black History over the decades and entertained the audience with their performances of interpretational song, dance, poetry and recitation. With stage design backdrop provided by Art Teacher Kim Harris and the Art Club, scenes included students performing scenes that included: 'A Tribute to the Motherland,' 'The Negro Spiritual,' ‘Gospel in the Truth,' 'The Rise of Ragtime Blues & Jazz,' 'The Cotton Club,' 'The Rise of Black People,' 'Post Civil Rights Era: 1980’s & 1990's’, and ' African Americans in the New Millennium’. This year's production featured: Kayla Pollard, Jordan Pickens, Freedom Excel, Evan Jennings, Oswald Fuentes, Christopher Chevarria, Alissa Seedensingh, Aniyah Clarke, Daniela Escobar, Catherine Bell, Clarissa Peralta, Anisah Smith, Aaliyah Campbell, Keashmna Simpkins, Aniza Bradley Ayanna Pettigant, Saniya Ferebee, Ashley Sanchez, Jamaya Marrow, Jamilah McCurdy, Illiana Banos, Jocelyn, Zepeda, Bianca Rodriguez, Aylia Ramos, Teshiyne Hunter, David Pedraza, Tiffani McKelvin, Zayra Garcia, Kamila Ciprian, Schekina Surfin, Julissa Lopez, Syed Ibrahim, Yazmid Herrera, Twayla Joseph, Arianta Uvera, Katherine Carbajal, Lea Michele, Rianna DaCosta, Gustancia Delille, Serraia Goodman; Central Islip High School mentors Yendra Cabera, Rommie Medina, Anthony Ross, Demetrius Jackson, Skyla Sandoval, Angel Garcia, Chauncey Evans; Five Towns College mentor Jamila Gordon, and Reed Yearbook: Sydnee Gayle, Melanie Molina and Edisa Martinez. Guest choreographers included Jamal Josef, Calvin Booker, Jamila Gordon, with featured guests Omar Edwards, Shanelle Gabriel and ICON. Special highlights included performances by Central Islip High School students who returned to Reed Middle School (featuring the Fab 5: Alexys Palma, Natascha Mars, Destiny Belcher, Diane Vizcarra and Monet Deale), to join their younger counterparts in the production and to serve as role models for the budding middle school student entertainers. Ms. Brideau acknowledged Superintendent of Schools Dr. Howard M. Koenig, Board of Education President Norman A. Wagner, Board of Education Vice President Michele Harriott, School Board Members Fred Philips, Dan Devine, William G. Softy, Edna Carbajal and Glenn Mitchell, Assistant Superintendent for Business Kevin Miller, Assistant Superintendent for Education and Administration Sharon Dungee, Assistant Superintendent for Personnel Christopher Brown and Director of Facilities Matthew Providente; the Joseph Toles Foundation, parents and guardians of the Performing Arts Club, Reed Music Department, Kim Harris and the Art Club, the Silva Family, Ms. Lagarde, Mr. Pedraza, Mr. Ross, Ms. Vereline, Ms. Karen, Ms. McFadzean, Dr. McLeod, Dr, Citrola, Mr. Harold & the American Legion, Ms. Britt, Mr. Gordon, Newspaper Club, Mr. De los Santos, Mr. Kempner, Mr. Guittierrez, Ms. Rose, Mr. Luciano, Edin and Wilmer; Marina Hernandez, Laura Rivera, Youth Enrichment Services, Suze Clandon, Ms. Ney & Ms. Nicole, Treasure Mitchell, Principal Dr. Darby, Assistant Principals Yvette Rivera and Jason Nemes; Mr. Frank Pagnotta and the Custodial Staff, :Lynn McNamara and the Secretarial Staff, Barbara LaMonica, I AM CI Foundation. and Mr. Brideau.