Student-Athletes as Reading Partners 2017


Student-Athletes as Reading Partners

February 15, 201738 student-athletes from the Central Islip High School, along with Mr. Philips, the Director of Athletics, continued the tradition of traveling to a different elementary school each year in order to serve as literacy partners. It was the turn of Cordello Elementary in 2017. The Student-Athlete as Reading Partners program helps promote the importance of academics and allows the student-athletes a chance to give back to this great community. In the Central Islip School District interscholastic-athletics is an extension of the classroom. The biggest debate of the day is who gets a bigger kick out of the program and who learns more, the student-athletes or the elementary students.

After reading developmentally appropriate books (thank you to Ms. Philips and the I AM CI EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION) the student-athletes fielded questions, posed for photos and signed autographs for students and books for each teacher’s class library. Every student-athlete stressed the importance of doing well in school. The student-athletes let the Cordello students know what a special privilege and honor it was to be a varsity student-athlete, but in order to play sports at the high school they had to do excellent work in the classroom.

Special thanks goes to Ms. Jackson, the Cordello principal, and Ms. Corcione and Ms. Lefferts, the Cordello teachers who put the program together, for inviting and welcoming the student-athletes. The entire Cordello staff was extremely welcoming and helped reiterate the importance of physical education and physical activity. The CDC states, "...physical activity can have an impact on cognitive skills and academic behavior, all of which are important components of improved academic performance. These include enhanced concentration and attention as well as improved classroom behavior." The Cordello students treated the student-athletes with great respect and are already sending over thank you notes and care packages to the student-athletes.

The biggest thanks goes to the 38 student-athletes who made it a priority to be outstanding role models, ones who lead by example (Zyon Alexis, Romel Alvarado, Tyler Amado, Akosua Amoa, Kwesi Amoa, Shayna Amorese, Alexander Bernal, Malcolm Bunce, Andrea Cano, Ashlin Carroll, Christian Cherry, Khai Chung, George Cruz, Natalia Cruz, Antonio Dash, Leilani Davila, Megan Doyle, Kaitlyn Gonzalez, Jose Guillen, Marlene Guzman, Alexandria Harriott, Michael Hennie, Steven Hernandez, Haley Lomax, Gabriel Martinez, Anthonye Metelus, Joseph Musumeci, Amaris Negron, Sebastian Nucatola, Roberto Nunez, Luis Ortiz, Raadeem Pierre, Rebeca Reyes, Paula Sibayan, Chanel Taylor, Ishmael Wade, Jade Walls, Kelly Zacarias).