Central Islip ARISS Related Videos

These short videos were selected to provide assistance to teachers and students as they work together to learn more about the work that astronauts and other scientists do on the International Space Station. The goal of these videos is to spark discussion and intrigue within our student body so they can develop their own questions for astronauts. Students who have their question selected will be able to actually speak with an astronaut over Amateur Radio in the Spring of 2018!

Date Added Video Description and Link
 2/28/2018  Expedition 54 Crew Exit Soyuz Spacecraft after Successful Landing [10:40]  News Release
 2/16/2018  Astronauts Training Underwear [2:37]  
 2/15/2018  Does spinning fast in space make you dizzy? [3:36]  
 2/14/2018  ISS - Water [1:56]  
 2/13/2018  Running in Space [3:26]  
 2/9/2018  Fire in the Soyuz! [3:57]  
 2/8/2018  Water recycling on the ISS [1:52]  
 2/7/2018  Smell in Space [0:40]
 Longer Interview [6:49]
 2/6/2018  How to vomit in space [1:47]  
 2/5/2018  Tim's spacewalk highlights [6:04]  
 2/2/2018   What do astronauts experience during a spacewalk? [1:21]  
 2/1/2018  Chris Hadfield describes the beauty of the spacewalk
 1/31/2018  How Astronauts Put on Space Suits [10:57]  
 1/30/2018  Ham Radio Basics[8:49]  Ham Radio Communication Basics
 1/29/2018  Spacesuit Waltz on the ISS  
 1/26/2018  StarTalk Spotlight: Astronaut Ricky Arnold and Elmo Younger Students
 1/25/2018  Astronaut Moments with NASA astronaut Joe Acaba [2:12] Culture, Education, Goals
 1/24/2018  The Five Senses in Space: Hearing [1:01]  
 1/23/2018  Chris Hadfield's Space Kitchen [2:26]  Cooking
 1/22/2018  Sleeping in space [2:43]  
 1/19/2018  Expedition 53-54 Crew Safely Onboard the Space Station [12:07]  
 1/18/2018  Soyuz rendezvous and docking explained [21:06]  
 1/17/2018  Inside the Russian Soyuz Spacecraft [11:38]  
 1/15/2018  What I learned from going blind in space [18:19]  
 1/14/2018  Interactive tour of ISS  
 1/12/2018  Crew launches for ISS [5:13]  
 1/11/2018  Chris Hadfield - The Soyuz Experience [2:35]  
 1/10/2018  The incredible collaboration behind the International Space Station [4:57]  Construction, Robitics
 1/10/2018  International Space Station in 5 minute documentary [4:31]  

Other Resources:

Date Added Resource
 1/24/2018  Spacewalking Astronauts Shrug Off Glitch During Repair Job on Space Station
 1/23/2018  Christa McAliffe had planned to teach the lessons during her 1986 trip to space. Now, two astronauts will finally carry out the plan Read the full story
 1/23/2018   The Challenger Center STEM Resources
 1/18/2018 Nat Geo Kids - 5 Reasons Why Astronauts Are Awesome